Casting Call – Scrummy Afters first commercial!

Candy in the store. Here it is: our formal casting call for Scrummy’s first commercial shoot with Cre8iv Company, LLC.

We are looking to cast a child between the age of five and seven as well as an older gentleman to play a father or grandfather figure. We are asking that you submit a short video of your child answering some or all of the following suggested questions to our Scrummy’s Facebook page via private message:

1. If you were an animal which one would it be and why? Can you imitate it?
2. If you had a magical tree that could grow an endless supply of anything what would it be?
3. What’s your favorite part about being a kid? What do you think the best and worst part about being an adult is?
4. What’s your least favorite food and why?
5. What or who makes you laugh the most?
6. When choosing a seat on a school bus do you pick the front, middle or back? Explain your reasoning.

Please include your name, your child’s name and age, a contact phone number, and or email address.

There will be some pay/ candy prizes (of course) for the actors involved, but mostly this will be for bragging rights so have fun with it! Also, If you have any father/grandfather figure referrals let us know.

Feel free to email or private message us on Facebook with any further questions.

Deadline for submissions is June 10.